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Vietnam Motorbike Price, Motorcycle & Scooter Price

Vietnam Motorbike Price, Touring Motorcycles & Scooters In Hanoi – Anh Wu


If you want to know Vietnam motorbike price then look no further. I will explain different bikes and their prices. From low end to upmarket.

Honestly, Vietnam is a motorbike nation and there are currently at least 45 million (yes million) motorbikes in a country of 93 million people. With merely 329,560 square km, you know how the traffic will be! In fact, large displacements are not welcome.

Why Touring Bikes So Expensive?

In reality, the Vietnamese government doesn’t want many large-displacement touring bikes in the country. Therefore, any bike over 125cc will be charged 120% taxes (import, luxury, or excise taxes). When you register a motorbike, in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC or Saigon) you have to pay a 5% registration tax. Finally, you have to add money for plate number of your bike (Hanoi charges one million Dongs for a bike sold under fifteen million Dongs, two million Dongs for under forty million Dongs and four million Dongs from forty million Dongs)

Chinese  Bikes

Vietnam Motorbike Price, Touring Motorcycles & Scooters. Cheapest yet least reliable Chinese Win copy

This is probably the cheapest new bike and also the crappiest motorbike available in Vietnam. In reality, they are not the same quality Chinese companies sell in China. For more profit and lower price, Vietnamese traders (or assemblers) only import cheapest and lowest quality engines (or engine parts). Then they make other stuff in Vietnam and claim they are Vietnamese bikes. No way, that’s Chinese and lowest quality! Don’t let dishonest sellers (local and tourists) confuse you with their advertisements like Honda Wave or Honda Win etc. They must say Chinese Wave or Chinese Win etc. Even the name (Win or Wave) is copyright infringement!

A used bike is from 50$US (horrible condition) to 300$US (rideable)  while a brand new goes for 700$US with tax and registration. In many reviews about Vietnam motorbike prices, it’s a fun but expensive experience. However, most tourists buy this kind of bike to ride in Vietnam, they try to save money, do not care about safety. For more details please check this link out.

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My company never considers these as touring bikes and therefore never rents or sells it. Look at the above photo of an old Chinese Win and see if you like it. We say NO to Chinese motorbikes!

Used  Vietnam Motorbike Price

Vietnam Motorbike Price, Touring Motorcycles & Scooters. Used Honda Wave RS110 for sale after 4 years or over 30,000km

You can easily buy a used motorbike (100-125cc) from many shops or dealers. There are many different prices based on brand, age, and quality. In reality, Honda is the best brand if you look for an old bike. This company has at least 70% market share and parts are easyplentiful, and at reasonable prices. Real Honda bikes hold value quite well. Next, comes other brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, SYM, etc.

From our experience, buy a Honda even if it costs more than other brands for the same age. For example, a 5-year old Honda Wave 110cc costs around 700$US. Vietnamese people have a reason for that: reliability. No brand surpasses Honda about this in Vietnam. Imagine you still see 1970’s Honda Super Cub on the road while you can’t find other brands.

If you are looking for Honda automatic scooters, think about 30% more than a semi-automatic. Touring bikes even cost more. Brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, or SYM don’t hold value well and are normally half of Honda competitors!

Above is a photo of a Honda Wave RS110 that we sold when it’s 4 years old or has 30,000km on the clock. A good used scooter (except Chinese brand) goes from around 300$US (10 years old). We always rent newer bikes than this to make sure you get the best bikes in Hanoi. In reality, no company offers better small bikes than my company.

In case you want to look at bikes my company sells, please follow this link.

New Small Scooters

Vietnam Motorbike Price, Touring Motorcycles & Scooters. New small scooter prices

Most of the small scooters are now made/assembled in Vietnam. Gone are the day people bought Chinese small scooters due to low prices. Chinese scooters were not worth it due to poor reliability and safety. However, the price of small scooters from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, or SYM has been going up steadily. The weakening of Vietnamese Dongs and the lack of low budget scooters are the two main factors apart from the trust for a cheap bike. With earning improved, people have the right to select something better. In addition, the companies also introduce newer and better technology for their scooters.

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In reality, the current lowest scooter is SYM 50cc for about 14.5 million Dongs (~640$US) and the most expensive is Honda SH150i for about 4,600$US. Honda has a major share of the market (around 70%) due to its wide range of products. Yamaha comes next with less than half of Honda despite the fact that they have a similar number of products. Yamaha’s quality of scooters and their boasting advertisement won’t be good in the long run. Suzuki and SYM are merely filling up the last 10% because their products and reviews are quite poor.

Typical scooter price in Vietnam

– Semi-automatic 110cc: from 700$US to 1,200$US
– Semi-automatic 125cc: from 1,200$US to 1,500$US
– Fully-automatic 110cc: from 1,200$US to 2,000$US
– Fully-automatic 125cc: from 1,200$US to 4,000$US
– Maxi automatic 150cc: from 2,200$US to 4,600$US
– Touring automatic 300cc: from 11,000$US

If you hope to buy something cheaper when researching Vietnam motorbike price then it’s likely that you have no result. In reality, the price will go up, not the other way. Chinese brands have no market share here!

My company rents only new or near new small scooters from 100cc to 125cc. This works with a wide range of prices, from 50$US-120$US (by month) or 7-15$US (by day). You will get a scooter no more than 4 years old or less than 30,000km. This is truly the best you can rent in Hanoi.

To rent semi-automatic scooters, click here.

To hire fully-automatic scooters, click here.

New Small Manual (Touring) Motorbikes

Price, Touring Motorcycles & Scooters. New small manual touring bikes

Price, Touring Motorcycles & Scooters. New small manual touring bikes, Honda CRF250L

You can have many choices for small manual touring motorbikes. However, don’t hope to find a cheap Vietnam motorbike price for this kind of bike. Except for the new Chinese Win 100-125cc, all others come from large brands. Real touring motorbikes are mostly imported and come with high taxes.

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Typical new Vietnam motorbike price

– 110cc: from 700$US to 1,200$US
– 125cc: from 1,300$US to 2,500$US
– 150cc: from 2,200$US to 4,000$US
– 250cc: from 9,500$US to 11,000$US

If you hope to buy something cheaper when researching Vietnam motorbike price then it’s likely that you have to turn to old Japanese bikes or Chinese craps. Think about 120% taxes!

My company rents only new or near new small touring bikes from 125cc to 150cc. For 250cc, we provide the latest Honda CRF250L model. This works with a wide range of prices, from 15$US to 50$US per day. All bikes were carefully serviced and checked to make sure they are in the best working condition. For more details on hiring a touring bike please visit this link.

Real Touring Motorcycles

Price, Touring Motorcycles & Scooters. New large manual touring bikes Kawasaki Versys 650cc.

Touring bike giants like Harley-Davidson, BMW, KTM, Ducati, Kawasaki, Benelli, Piaggio, Suzuki, and Yamaha, etc have authorized dealer shops in Vietnam. In addition, there are many private companies importing new large bikes from other brands like Honda, Triumph, Royal Enfield, and Bajaj, etc. Being overcharged is probably something you don’t want to know about the Vietnam motorbike price. Expect to pay from 1.5 to 2 times more than in your home country. For example, my personal 2016 Kawasaki Versys 650 costs 14,500$US including taxes and registration. I thought twice before I bought it, but I really had no choice.

If you love big bikes, you can shop for used bikes. There are illegally imported (mostly before 2010)  and used legal bikes. The cheapest can go for just 1,000$US while the most expensive is about 70% of a new bike. In my whole career, I’ve never seen any tourist wanting to rent a bike for 50$US/day so we probably keep this as a dream or good memory. Honestly, we plan to provide big bikes but only when prices become lower and customers stretch their budget. This may sound rude or straightforward but we have to be realistic here!

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